Islam (Arabic : الإسلام ; Alʾislām, « submission ») is an Abrahamic religion based on the dogma of absolute monotheism (tawhid) and taking its source in the Quran, considered the receptacle of the word of God (الله, Allah) revealed, in the 7th century in Arabia, to Muhammad, proclaimed by muslims to be the last prophet of Allah.

Technically, islam is christianity without being limited by the counter-powers developed in Europe since the Renaissance through humanism, liberalism, and science. A lot of conservative christians are more or less openly in total admiration for their non-inhibited eldest daughter, islam.

Hints of islam being the eldest daughter of christianity

  • Islam has not generated more conflicts between christians and muslims than christianity has brought among christianized Europeans, whether at the beginning of christianization between the various branches (Arianism, Nicene Church, etc.) or in the religious wars between christians circa the 16th century.
  • At the end of the reconquest of Spain by christianity, the christian overlords expelled the Jews, but kept the converts to islam for a century before expelling those who were still muslims. Islam was therefore apparently less troublesome for christians than Judaism, even though the christians had just liberated the Iberian Peninsula from a muslim domination of more than 7 centuries.
  • Christians have long called muslims « Mohammedans ». Some fundamentalist christians continue to call muslims « Mohammedans ». This term is an additional clue showing that islam appears to them simply as a rival cult with a more recent prophet than Jesus, but sharing a common core. It was Voltaire, a notorious anti-christian, who seems to have been the first to prefer the term islamism instead of « Mohammedanism ».
  • Muslims only place themselves as the successors of christians, of whom they recognize Christ as one of their messiahs and recognize a divine origin to all christian holy texts. Jesus is recognized as one of the prophets of islam.
  • Islam spread across lands that were mostly christianized and reformed by a christian Roman Empire that had destroyed pagan temples and massacred recalcitrant populations. Arrived in Spain, the wars between christian cults were so abominable that a good part of the christian lords chose the conversion to islam, this new christianity that promised them peace and power. Russia avoided being muslim only because of a Russian monarch who couldn’t live without alcohol. Alcohol being forbidden by islam, he preferred to keep the old christianity.
  • Pagans are exterminated or forcibly converted by muslims, while Jews and christians are considered tolerable cousins ​​of faith : they just have to free themselves from the tax of their condition as dhimmis. Thus, christianity kept many followers among the Berbers of Numidia (more or less present-day Algeria) until the 12th century.
  • A great number of christians in Jerusalem voluntarily built the great mosque as the Arab invaders. The difference between the different opposing christian cults and islam at the time was unknown to most people, who saw islam as just another form of christianity, which islam basically is.
  • The Catholic Church has put much more energy into fighting protestantism than it has ever put into fighting islam. Islam is just a rival of catholic power, as was protestantism. Catholicism has moreover been reconciled with protestants at the same time as it has tried to bind interconfessional friendship with islam.
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